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 Ye Olde Fudge Pot was established in 1976 by my dad, Robert   Smith, and myself, Kevin Smith with an Olde English recipe   brought over from the old country.

  My dad was instrumental in getting me started on my own and   helped me set up my own business when I was 17 years old. In   those days I worked the markets in Kitchener & Waterloo every   Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

  My high school was quite impressed with my entrepreneurial   spirit back then, that they allowed me to attend school around   my work schedule. My teachers appreciated and encouraged my   hard work by supporting me in many ways.

  With the success of my early days, I expanded my business on   my dad's advice, as well as my own eagerness to take advantage   of the Fair, Festival and Exhibition circuits. I would travel coast   to coast for many years doing every show possible.

  I've continued to make our fudge the olde fashioned way, cooked   in a copper kettle and poured onto marble slab tables. It's a   process that people enjoy watching at the Canadian National   Exhibition in the food building in Toronto each year.

  Our fudge is timeless and unforgettable. It's always made fresh
  using no preservatives.

  Fast forward to the present and the tradition lives on. Myself and
  Lucy run the business on a smaller schedule these days. My   children Shawn and Jessica are eagerly taking the business into   the new age of technology and to a new generation of customers.

  Hard work is still needed to make our products but consistency   and appreciation has sustained us. Our repeat customers are   positive proof that Ye Olde Fudge Pot has provided people with   an incredibly delicious and authentic Olde English recipe for   over 35 years.

  Your continued support is deeply appreciated,

  The Smith family


Ye Old Fudge Pot at the 2007 Canadian National Exhibition


People are lining up for our Olde fashioned hand-made treats!


Olde Fashioned Maple Fudge

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